jesforsale (jesforsale) wrote in thursdayfiends,

thursday dove earrings.

i made these pretty earrings for my friend and she loves them. so i figured id see if anyone on here was interested in a pair.

$8 shipped.
satisfaction guaranteed.
you pick the color.

< necklaces can be done as well. >

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i also do custom orders. just let me know.

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how can i get these? very nice job. i want.
if youd like to email me at that works.

or you can go ahead and paypal that same address $8 shipped < make sure your address is correct. >
also, let me know a color.

thank you.
thank you. whenever i have the $8 bucks i'll try and remember...
good deal. just let me know.

um ok so do i need a credit card to pay for this?

Deleted comment

if you have paypal. that works, if not i could email you my address and you can send check, money order, or well concealed cash.

im flexible.

whoever runs this community please repost this on the main page.